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Different colors or standard black color,
able to hold 192 to 252 bottles on sliding shelves with bottle imprints suitable for bordeaux, bourgogne, alsace, champagne.

Welcome to Tastvin

image_accueilTastvin, french wine cabinet and cellar manufacturers, with more than 30 years experience, present their models to Professional and private buyers. The use of performant and ecological materials, precise thermic temperature regulation,digital methods of manufacture accumulated with crasftsman know-how, make Tastvin renown by Professional wine makers. The conservation, maturing and enhancing quality of wines are our principal goals.

The first requirement is the wine quality, for this the wine grower gives his skills and passion to the wine, the grape variety and the wine making proces just until the bottling stage. The second requirement is that the wine merchant or wine amateur can stock his precious wine bottles in complete security, in  an adapted place, where the temperature, hygrometry, obscurity, ventilation and absence of vibrations are the conditions necessary and respected for the storage and maturing of wines.

Tastvin proposes several different  solutions: wine cabinet, larges volumes, wine spaceair conditioning, racking system for conserving wine, chilling it or bringing it up to room temperature. From 32 to a thousand bottles, with always the same objective,to store for a very long time. The wine cellar storing these bottles must assure the wine quality during the long process.