Sliding storage

Tastvin racks or sliding shelves placed in wooden modular sets intergrate perfectly in your cellar:

• The sliding wooden shelf absorbs eventual environment vibrations

• Sliding on casters for individual storage or locked in position fro stacking

• Bottle location carved from the mass (wel spaced bottles)

• Frontage in wood with ticket placement.

Reference Description Capacity Dimensions (cm)
H x W x D
Sliding racks 2 supports, 7 shelves 240 bottles 183 x 55 x 53
Additional racks 1 support, 7 shelves 240 bottles 183 x 53 x 53

Tastvin shelves

Different types of shelves according to your needs:

Clayette Standard Clayette Champagne Clayette Magnum Clayette Présentation Clayette Bocaux
Standard shelf Champagne shelf Magnum shelf Presentation shelf Pot shelf

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